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donwloadUploaded on 2/10/05
"Le Building" is a short film made by a team of 5 french students from the animation school "the Gobelins" in Paris FRANCE.
It was made as an opening short done for the Annecy 2005 international animation festival.
The idea is simple : a grand mother wants her neighbour to stop singing so loud. But events happen through a crazy chain reaction, for your viewing pleasure :)
The movie was completed in 4 months and a half ( including screenplay, storyboards and designs ). The technique is a mix between traditionnal 2d, flash, and 3d animation. As there are several techniques used in this film, the challenge was to blend them so that you won't notice it too much. For example the Pizza guy, his bike, the bus, and the crane are in 3D, and the cat is animated using Flash.
Enjoy ;)
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anarkissed on 6 April 2006
This movie is very gently humorous. Watch as an crazy series of events precipitated by a man singing in the shower eventually brings down the house! The dialog is not in english but it doesn't need dialog to express the action. I'm not sure it's an actual language though. Great little movie, appropriate for all ages.