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Discover our new website Electic Vehicles in Switzerland is a website where authors and artists can share their work with the world. as a start you can create an account and begin to upload right away your artwork whether it is a 3d animation, a short movie, a demoreel, ...

then you'll be able to enter your online resume together with your professionnal experiences, making the best place to know about you and perhaps contact you for a project that need your skills !

the site is evolving every week, among other things, i plan to add very soon some 'community' features like friends connexions, ... i also plan to get in touch with as many animations/cinema schools as possible to offer them a tailor made gallery to promote what you can do thanks to what you leaned there.

please also note that your privacy is our concern and that all data we may collect are stricly confidential and will not be communicated to any third parties. since we are based in france, we have an ongoing statement to the cnil
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