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Cutting Room Chore

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donwloadUploaded on 26/11/01
Shocking animal cruelty caught on film! See the disturbing footage now! The evidence TriSunn Pictures doesn't want you to see!
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amit on 18 December 2002
what a site.....and animation...too
the site was really with the theme...
paperinik on 17 October 2002
Hi, I´m a computer science student and I live in Brazil. I think that this animation is one of the best in this site. Your idea were very original, it´s very very very funny.
hitman497 on 23 March 2002
my name is jung hoon Lee.
I am korean. I am college student.
MY dream is animator
do you know korea?
your animation is very great,exellent and good idea!
wow. I am suprised.
I can't speak english well.I am sorry. so I can't explain my opinion well. anyway your animation is very good.
Have a nice day. ^__________^!!
ustoopia on 8 December 2001
Really cool...
Really funny...
Jason-Alaska on 8 December 2001
Just great! Cruel! But great! Well done all the way around. Everything you wanted to see when you watched the darn horse in the movies... And they did it here!
beto on 27 November 2001
love animals
Rant Boy on 27 November 2001
That's some pretty amusing stuff.