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Oban Star-Racers

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donwloadUploaded on 5/3/06
Following up on its award-winning pilot film "Molly, Star-Racer", indie company "Sav! The World Productions" went on to produce a full 26 half hour series in Paris and Tokyo: "Oban, Star-Racers".
Here is OSR's highly anticipated first trailer. The series premieres in France in April 2006 and will be gradually released in all major territories throughout the year.
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Antonio on 30 November 2006
star-racer is amazing, I hope to see the complete series.
Lan on 26 March 2006
I really hope it will be as cool as the original trailer. I know they didnt make it full 3D like they said they would, but they could still make it like an anime version of star wars pod racers, which is what the original trailer reminded me of in the 1st place.
Come on Jetix! Get your act together and show it soon! Ive waited long enough as it is!!!
Dr Luke Rhineheart on 16 March 2006
So happy to see the "Molly Star-Racer" project didn't simply die, but that these guys managed to pull it off with the Japanese!
The new images feel different but richer too. Looks like the universe has expanded a lot.
Can't wait to see the episodes now! Go Molly go! (oups... "Go Oban go!")

alexbikeracer on 15 March 2006
staracer is cool... downloading is great this site rocks!!!!!!!
pixel on 14 March 2006
None of the energy from "Molly Star Racer" got carried over. Strange. It looks interesting but the original looked amazing.